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Council News - March 2011

Dear Cayuga Nation Citizens,                        

 Greetings to you and your families. We hope that all is well.
 The Cayuga Nation has been very busy working on trying to improve the lives of the Cayuga Citizens.
Some of the things we have been working on are:
 Property tax foreclosure: Seneca County is attempting to foreclose on 5 parcels of land owned by the Cayuga Nation. We are filing papers in federal court trying to get a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) against Seneca County. The Oneida Nation had the same issue in Madison and Oneida Counties. The federal judge in district court in Utica ruled in favor of the Oneidas. However, since Seneca County is bringing this issue against us, our case will be in the western district court in Rochester or Buffalo with a different judge.
 Cigarette Tax Collections Attempt by NYS: The Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, and Mohawks will be in the 2nd Circuit Federal Court in New York City on March 15th arguing against NY State’s attempt to collect taxes on cigarette sales to non-natives. A total of 10 minutes has been allotted to the plaintiff, so each attorney has about 2 minutes to speak on behalf of each Nation or we could consolidate and allow one attorney to speak
on behalf of all. If NY State wins, the Cayuga Nation will never give over any tax collected money to NY State. We are not NYS tax collectors.
 United Southern and Eastern Tribes (USET): USET was held in Washington DC the week of February 7-11 at the Crystal City Marriott. Clint Halftown, Gary Wheeler, Justin Bennett, Gerald Jimerson Jr., Sharon LeRoy, Anita Thompson, Fran Sasala and Brenda Bennett attended on behalf of the Cayuga Nation. The USET
organization welcomed one more newly recognized Indian tribe. They are the Shinnecock Tribe of Long Island. The USET family has grown to 26 Nation/Tribes strong. Everyone who belongs to USET is federally recognized, unlike NCAI (National Congress of American Indians) who offer membership to non-recognized Indians.
 While in DC, the Cayuga Nation members met with Nation attorneys Dan French and Lee Alcott and Nation lobbyist Dan Crane.
 And this year, we had Dakota Miller, age16, Turtle Clan, attend “Close Up” and represent the Cayuga Nation. This organization Close Up is to teach young adults about Washington DC. We want to say Nya-weh to Kody, who represented the Nation well.job Kody.
 Also in attendance was Jackson Bennett, Turtle Clan, a student from Silver Creek High School who attended Close Up on behalf of the Seneca Nation. These two young men are the future of the Nation, and seeing how they conducted themselves in DC, we do feelare our future leaders.
 On a good note, the Cayuga Nation has new Cayuga employees. Danel Jimerson, Turtle Clan, has recently moved into the position of Manager of LakeSide Trading II. Irene Jimerson, Heron, is the new Human Resources Manager for Cayuga Nation and LakeSide Enterprises. We want to congratulate these two Cayuga Citizens on their new jobs.
 Congratulations to Samuel (Lake View Cattle Company) and Susan Campbell on the birth of son, Joseph Samuel Campbell. He arrived into this world on February 13, 2011. Joseph is joining his two older sisters, Rachel and Sara and older brother Andrew.
 Congratulations to Barry (Cayuga Nation Security) and Mindy Jimerson on the birth of Ella Pauline Jimerson born on January 25, 2011. She joins her two older brothers Denali and Howie.
 Our best to Sam and Susie and Barry and Mindy on the additions to their families.
The Cayuga Nation should have some great news to announce to you all next month. So hang on till then!