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Council News - September 2010

 Dear Cayuga Nation Citizens:                           

Greeting to all Nation Citizens. We hope all is well with you and your families.

It is back to school time now. We hope all are ready to go and start a brand new year in school.

Once again New York State is attempting to collect taxes on cigarette sales from all Native American smoke shops on all territories. The entire Six Nations have been meeting to see how we can best resolve these issues. We have all agreed to put our differences aside and make this our number one priority.

A recent meeting included Seneca Nation President Barry Snyder and their entire council; Tonawanda Chiefs Stuart Jamieson, Norman Hill and Sub-Chief Darwin Hill; Tuscarora Chief Stuart Patterson; Onondaga Nation Tadaho Syd Hill; Cayuga Nation Representatives Clint Halftown and Gary Wheeler; and Nation attorneys Dan French and Lee Alcott; Oneida Nation Ray Halbritter and attorney Peter Carmen; St. Regis Mohawks Chief Monica Jacobs and several other Mohawks. It was decided that we need a peaceful protest again NYS, to show how we have all banded together on this issue.

The members who will be on the 2011 Nation Calendar came home and had a great time. It was a pleasure showing them all that the Nation has accomplished in 7 years. We were really happy to have the 2010 calendar people join the 2011 calendar group.

We had a nice Nation Picnic, lots of food and games and a lacrosse game between the Cayuga Lakers and Buffalo Creek. 

We had music from Tribal Voices, Hugh Jones and Turtles gave us a wonderful show. The Turtles include Eva and William Bighorse, Kimmer Horsen and Clay Jones.  

It was sad on Sunday Morning to see all of the Cayuga People leave. But it was wonderful to have them here in their homeland.

We would like to give a big Nya-Weh to Sharon LeRoy for all her hard work and time she spent to make the Homecoming and picnic a success. Also to BJ Radford and Vicky Hess for all the hard work they put into this project. With out them this would be impossible.

And a Nya-Weh to the VanAernam family for husking corn. And to everyone who lent a hand in helping out at the picnic. Nya-Weh to all of you.

We are so close to getting our final decision on putting our land put into trust. We need to push the Department of Interior on issuing a final determination on our lands. We really are so close.

We are working very hard to improve the lives of the entire Cayuga Nation. We hope we can do this for you. If you have any questions, comments, please feel free to let us know.

Clint, Tim, Gary