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Council News - October 2010

 Dear Cayuga Citizens:                                


Greetings from the Cayuga Nation Council. We hope all is well with you and your families and that everyone is settled into the "back to school" routine!

Well, it is official. The Cayuga Nation Office has moved into our new location. We are upon Cayuga Nation Lands!! After 200 years we are now back where we belong. 

We should consider declaring October 1st the first official Nation holiday, since it is a historical day in the Nation’s history and we should remember it forever. The day we went home.

Those of you in western NY will now have about a two hour drive to reach the office.

Once again New York State is attempting to tax Native sales on Native lands. As you probably know, NY State wanted to begin taxing on September 1, 2010. We are opposing this action with all our might. The Cayuga Nation teamed up with the Seneca Nation to oppose this action and filed a federal lawsuit in Buffalo in front of Judge Arcara. The Judge temporarily halted the September 1, 2010 start date. The final decision is expected October 15 and will tell whether or not we succeeded in the effort to continue to sell all cigarettes. If New York State prevails, then the Cayuga Nation will only sell Native cigarettes, since New York State has no right taxing Native made cigarettes. A lawsuit has also been filed in the Northern District Federal Court by the Oneida and Mohawks to challenge this tax law. The battle continues. We will keep you updated.

In other news, the Cayuga Family keeps moving back home. The Nation now has about 20 members that have moved back to the Nation homelands. We hope to have more and more Cayugas move back. This has always been the goal of the Cayuga Nation. Now it is happening.

The Cayuga Nation is now in the final stages of our Land -to-Trust application. Our application is sitting on the desk of the assistant secretary of Indian Affairs, Larry Echohawks, awaiting his signature. It has only been 6 years since we first filed our application to have land taken into trust. Fast!! Federal Government at work!

The Cayuga Nation is in the process of acquiring more lands to increase our land holdings. Hopefully, the next land-to-trust applications won’t take as long. It is funny. Our first application is for only 125 acres, our next one will be for 1,500 acres.

The end of summer has brought a few businesses to a close for the season. The Cayuga Sugar Shack and the Cayuga Corner are both closing their doors for the winter months. They will re-open in the Spring.

The Cayuga Nation picnic was a huge success. We had many Cayuga’s there; we hope that everyone had a good time. The picnic will be bigger and better next year.

2011 is Cayuga year at the New York State Fair. We need your involvement in this process. Please contact Tim Twoguns, Vice -President of Cayuga Nation Agriculture Society.

This year we had new people work the Cayuga Hut at the fair including Burt Parker and Brenda Bennett.

The Turtle Can has chosen a new Clan Mother. They have selected Brenda Bennett. The Turtle Clan has been meeting to fill the seat since the passing of Lean Pierce. Brenda (Lay) Bennett will now tend to the Turtle Clan. Congratulations Brenda.

As you can see, the Nation Council is working hard to improve the lives of the Cayuga Citizens. If you have any comments, suggestions, and complaints or just want to talk, please feel free to contact us.