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Council News - November 2010

 Greetings from the Cayuga Nation Council:

This is the first newsletter from the new Nation Offices located in Cayuga Nation home lands. We have made the move home and we are here to stay. Since the Office re-location, many more Cayuga people have returned back home. The Cayuga population on the Homeland is up to 20-25 people.

It is a bit chaotic at the new office with boxes everywhere but we are functioning. Our new address is Cayuga Nation, physical location is 2540 Route 89, Seneca Falls, NY 13148 and mailing location is P.O. Box 803 Seneca Falls, New York 13148. Telephone is 315-568-0750. Fax is 315-568 – 0752. Also the new address is on the Nation website at

Once again we are battling with New York State about taxation on cigarette sales to non-natives when the cigarettes are sold on sovereign land. On September 1, 2010 the New York state scheme of taxing cigarettes was to begin. But due to multiple lawsuits filed by Indian Nations we have delayed it until the end of October 2010, and at the time of printing this article we are still able to sell tax free cigarettes to non-natives.

The Seneca and Cayuga Nations filed a lawsuit in Buffalo New York in front of Judge Arcara, whose last decisions went against us. But he also stayed his own decision, which still allows us to sell. The Oneida Nation case was is in front of Judge Hurd in federal court in Utica. He ruled for mediation between the Oneida Nation and the State of New York. The Cayuga Nation has now filed papers in front of Judge Arcara to reconsider his decision keeping in mind that Judge Hurd issued a ruling with mediation. This is yet to be heard and decided upon.

Members of The Cayuga Nation attended the United and Southern Eastern tribes (USET) conference in Oneida Nation territory from October 11 to October 14, 2010. Those attending were Sharon LeRoy, Anita Thompson, Gerald Jimerson, Alfred Wheeler, Barry Jimerson.

And at the same time USET was going on in Oneida, Gaiwiio was going on in Newtown Long house. This event has been traveling to every Nation territory and ended in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The Cayuga Nation is one step closer to getting our lands placed into trust with the federal government. On October 22, 2010 the Notice of Availability (NOA) was published in the Federal Register. After the 30 day comment period is done then the Record of Decision (ROD) can be decided upon and published in the Federal Register. We assume that we will then face a court challenge by the State and counties, who oppose the Nation getting our lands back to sovereign status. But we will have completed the federal process, and be one more step closer to finalizing the claim.

The residents of Cayuga Nation Territory are now covered by the same health agreement as if you still resided in the original 5 county service area. Cayuga and Seneca counties were added to the coverage area on October 9, 2010 at the Seneca Nation Council meeting. All Cayugas residing in western NY are still covered as you were before, but now the Cayugas who reside upon the home lands are covered as well.

We hope that all of you enjoy the beginning of the winter months.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from the Cayuga Nation Council and staff.
Don’t eat too much turkey.