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Council News - March 2010

To All Cayuga Nation Citizens,

Greetings to all of you. We hope everything is going well as spring approaches.
The Nation Council has been busy working for all of you.
The Cayuga Nation has 3 new properties under contract for purchase to increase our land holdings. We are fast approaching 1,500 acres of land.
On February 8-11, United Southern and Eastern Tribes held our annual impact week in Washington, D.C. but this year’s impact week was especially difficult due to severe snow in Washington DC. The federal government was shut down for days, no cabs were running and the metro was shut down. So our week in DC proved to be a difficult one, to say the least.
We met with Department of Justice officials and the Eastern Area Office of the Bureau of Indian Affairs on January 19-21, 2010 to check on the progress of our land into trust applications. We are now awaiting their final review of our application and will be issuing the final environmental review to complete this process.
The Cayuga Nation has submitted our M.O.A. to the Department of Homeland Security to get our
Nation’s ID for border crossings. We are now waiting for Homeland Security to review and sign and then we will move forward. If any of you are interested in getting a new Nation ID card, please let us know and we will notify you when they are available.
The Cayuga Nation is starting to plant this year’s crops at Gakwiyo Garden. You should have received or soon will be receiving a survey regarding the garden and canned goods you have been getting for the past 2 years. We are looking for your comments on the vegetables grown, what you would like to see grown and what canned items you liked or disliked. So please complete the survey and let us know your opinion. Our second greenhouse should be up and running soon. Cayuga Corner will be opening soon with Nation produce for sale to the general public.
The Nation Council is preparing to go to court again on the selling of cigarettes free of NY state tax. The appearance will be on March 25 at 9:30 am, in Syracuse, NY. This is the case where the Nation, Clint Halftown and BJ Radford are all indicted on felony charges of possessing over 50 cartons of unstamped cigarettes. This case revolves around NYS tax law 471-e. We are asking for a lot of Nation citizens to be in attendance for this hearing in front of the NYS Court of Appeals.
We are also watching the governor’s attempts to collect taxes on cigarettes sold on our land to non-natives. He announced this plan as part of his budget for 2011. He made his announcement under much pressure from state legislature and interest groups. He has no income from this tax in his budget for 2011. So we do not know his plan for this as yet.
The Nation Council stands ready to defend our inherent rights to be a sovereign people and to get back our land and to be economically self-sufficient.
We would like to extend a speedy recovery to Fran Sasala. Hope you are getting better Fran. Fran is our health coordinator and a contributor to the Cayuga Chronicles.
Till next month, take care and hope you stay well.