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Council News - January 2010

To All Cayuga Citizens                                           January 2010          

With a New Year upon us, it is time for the Cayuga Nation to take more steps in the right direction of re-establishing ourselves upon our land.
In 2010, the Cayuga Nation will have 4 new homes to offer to the Cayuga Citizens!!
Grant it, this is a small step, but it is a giant step in the whole scope of things. This will be the first time, in the Cayuga Nation history, that it has been possible for us to offer homes. We hope to have them available by July 2010. These home are offered through the Cayuga Nation H.U.D. Program, so if interested in this program, please contact Justin Bennett, Director of Housing. Call Justin at 716-337-4270.
As well, the Cayuga Nation is still in the process of purchasing more land within the 1794 Territory Boundaries. The Cayuga Nation now has well over a 1,000 acres, only 63,000 acres left to go. Purchasing land will continue in 2010.
The Education Scholarships will continue into 2010, so if you are planning on going to school and need a application to fill out, please get in touch with the Nation office in North Collins and they can help you out with getting an application.
Distributions will continue at this point, as long as we can hold off the counties and their attempts to shut down our two LakeSide Trading facilities. The legal fight still goes on. The next step in this fight will be in March or sooner, in front of the highest court in New York State, that being the Court of Appeals. We continue to diversify our revenue sources so that we are not totally dependent on cigarette income.
Since the response was so positive The Nation Calendar project will once again take place. Just like last year, we will randomly choose 12 of you and bring you back to your Homeland in conjunction with the Nation picnic.
The Cayuga Nation Winter Gathering was a huge success. At this year’s event, we had over 160 people turn out for a night of fun. This year’s event was held at Michael’s Banquet Center in Hamburg. We were lucky to have Warren John (Turtle Clan) and Seneca Snyder (Turtle Clan) and their band Tribal Nations Country and Blues. We had great meal choices and even something special for the kids. Santa showed up and the kids could tell him what they wanted for Christmas. This year we had an added bonus to the door prizes. Besides the flat screen TV, Blue-Ray DVD player, and a net book computer, we gave away a 2009 Polaris Hunter four wheeler. The winner of the four wheeler was Stacey Seneca (Turtle Clan). 
We would at say a special THANK YOU to Sharon LeRoy and Anita Thompson who put this all together. Without them we could not have pulled this off. We hope that everyone had a great time this year.
This year two Nation members, Lee and Seth Halftown started to hunt once again upon Cayuga Lands. These two guys were lucky to get a doe and buck in this year harvest. So if you have any plans or wish to hunt the land, please feel free to contact the North Collins Office at 716-337-4270.
On behalf of the Nation, we offer our condolences to the family of Candice “Candy” Parker, in particular her sons Keith and Kenneth and their families. She will be missed by all.
We would like to offer our wishes for a speedy recovery from heart surgery to Jeff Snyder.  Hope you can get back up and moving around soon. Best Wishes, Jeff.
‘Til next month, take care and best wishes in the New Year.