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Council News - February 2010

Dear Cayuga Citizens:

Greeting from the Nation Council, we hope you are all doing well.
Mid-Winter Ceremonies are upon us now. So let us begin a New Year on a positive note. We do hope this year will be better than the last one but how can it not be. We have some land and businesses and we continue to acquire more.
The Cayuga Nation is moving the beef farm, Lake View Cattle Company to our own territory soon. The planned date for moving the farm will be either July or August. The herd of registered Black Angus cattle certainly contributes to the diversity of our businesses.
The Cayuga Nation is working with Department of Homeland Security on getting those of you who want, a new Nation Card that will allow you easier passage at border crossings. Hopefully these cards will be available to you all very soon.
Plans are moving ahead on getting new houses built on our land for Nation members. If interested, please contact Justin Bennett at the Nation Office.
The Nation will be randomly picking Nation Citizens for the 2011 calendar. Winners will be notified by mail or phone. The 2011 twelve will be flown home for a mini vacation. Besides the photo shoot for the calendar, there will be several fun activities and, most importantly, the opportunity to tour the Nation land and businesses to see what has been accomplished. This homecoming trip will coincide with the Nation picnic in early August. It is a great opportunity to reconnect with family and friends.
We have many issues facing us.
As you might have heard, New York State Governor Paterson has proposed in his new budget, plans to implement the collecting of cigarette taxes on tobacco products sold to non Indians in Native owned stores. This plan, if implemented, will have a major impact on our two convenience stores. So we are watching this issue very closely.
The trust applications are moving ahead, with great slowness, but they are moving. We have been very active with the Department of Interior working on getting the land in the initial application put into trust.
The Nation has acquired more parcels of land, which now puts our holdings over 1,000 acres of land!!!
 Till next month, we the Nation Council, wish you all the best,