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Council News - December 2010

Greetings to the Cayuga Nation Citizens,

The Cayuga Nation Council and Office Staff wish everyone a very happy holiday season and a safe New Year. We hope everyone has been a good person for Santa this year and we hope all your wishes come true!!
We are on our last step for getting our lands into trust. November 22, 2010, was the last day of the Notice of Availability (NOA) and now the Department of Interior has to sign off on and make a Record of Decision (ROD). We then anticipate that we will be in federal court, since we already know that the State of New York and Cayuga and Seneca Counties all oppose the Cayuga Nation from getting any lands into trust. Let us not forget that our alleged "Chiefs" have also taken the position against the land into trust as well.
As of the time of writing this article, we are still able to sell tax free cigarettes at the Cayuga Nation two LakeSide Trading stores. We will fight the attempt of New York State to collect any taxes on Cayuga Nation lands forever. On November 15, 2010, the Cayuga Nation took possession of cigarettes from Cayuga County. These 8000+ cartons of cigarettes originally seized from LakeSide Trading 1 were then taken to a storage facility and some were sent away to get tested for freshness. Since cigarettes are perishable goods, they do expire. So we had a sample of many cartons sent to an expert to see how damaged they are. This information is needed to help us prepare for our lawsuit against the counties to seek monetary retribution for the cigarettes. It could total $500,000.00.
 The Winter Gathering will take place on December 18, 2010 at 1 pm at a location to be determined. A social will follow dinner. The menu is still in the process of being decided upon. Buses will be provided for pick up at North Collins at 9 am, Galleria Mall in Buffalo at 10 am, and 48a at T&A at 11 am. So please call the Cayuga Nation Office at 315-568-0750 ASAP to let us know if you plan to attend. This Winter Gathering is for enrolled Cayuga Nation citizens and families.
The Cayuga Nation is holding our first ever Lake View Cattle Company auction in Las Vegas on December 10, 2010. An auction like this is the first of its kind in the history of the Black Angus industry and the first time for the Cayuga Nation to hold an event such as this.
Once again, we have been met with an issue with the Seneca-Cayuga of Oklahoma attempting to make a foot hold in the Cayuga Nation territory. We have been watching a gas station called J-N-T be totally remodeled with a new store interior and exterior, gas tanks and pumps and a drive up window. On November 18, 2010 one of wholesalers we purchase cigarettes from was contacted by the Seneca-Cayuga of Oklahoma to sell them merchandise. The wholesaler in turn immediately called us to let us know this situation. We then got in touch with the Nation attorneys and the Cayuga Nation Council
immediately sent a letter to Oklahoma telling them they had no right to sell tax free cigarettes on Cayuga Nation Lands and that we will use every attempt to stop them. This is still an ongoing issue.
As you can see the Cayuga Nation Council has been actively defending the rights of Cayuga Nation for
future generations, and we will as continue to do so.
So once again, we wish you all a safe and Happy Holiday Season and a Safe and Happy New Year.
Take care till next month.