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Council News - August 2010

Greetings to all from the Cayuga Council.

We hope all is well with you and your families.

We are preparing to move in October 2010 back to the homelands of the Cayuga Nation. We plan to re-establish ourselves upon our lands. These were the lands held by our ancestors and recognized in the 1794 Treaty that said this was our land forever.
A building next door to LakeSide Trading 2 on Route 89 is being renovated and will be the new home of the Cayuga Nation Government Offices and the new offices of LakeSide Enterprises. We are combining the two offices into one building. So there will no longer be a North Collins Office. If you need anything, it will be available to you at the new facility of the Cayuga Nation in Seneca Falls. We are however, making arrangements with the Seneca Nation for continuation of health services.
Since, we are re-establishing ourselves in a new neighborhood, we are implementing a new security department and a new conservation department. These new employees will be charged with watching over Nation property and lands.
The Cayuga Nation Council traveled to Washington, DC on July 12 -14, 2010. The purpose was to check on the status of our land into trust application for the initial 125 acres of land. It seems like there is only movement on our application when they knew we are coming into town. So we now plan to go back every 2-3 weeks. We need to keep the process moving since we are so close. All the Department has to do is issue a Record of Decision or (ROD) and then we are done with that process.
During this same trip we also meet with the National Indian Gaming Commission or (NIGC). Since the last time we meet with them, they now have all 3 commissioners and new legal counsel. It was a very informal meeting with NIGC to introduce ourselves to them.  We will go back to see them all soon.
We are so excited on the moving of our Nation back to the Homelands. This has been a long time coming and so the reality is that it will soon be here
Take Care and enjoy the summer.