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Council News - April 2010

Dear Cayuga Nation Citizens,  

We hope all is well with you. Hope April showers will bring May flowers or at least, wild onions.

The PACT (Preventing All Cigarette Trafficking) Act passed and will soon go into law. This act will prevent the shipping of cigarettes using the U.S.Mail. This is an unfortunate hit to many internet sellers in Western NY. The Cayuga Nation smoke shops never were involved in internet sales.
The Cayuga Nation will be going to court again in Syracuse, NY on March 25. This hearing will again be about us selling unstamped cigarettes at our two LakeSide Trading smoke shops located on our own lands. The state and counties are saying we are not on a qualified Indian reservation and therefore should not be allowed to sell untaxed cigarettes. Well, despite what they think, the 1794 Treaty is still in effect stating that the Cayuga Nation territory of 64,000 acres is still intact. Hopefully this court will see it that way and rule in our favor. We will wait and see.
Despite that, the Cayuga Nation is pressing ahead with more land purchases. We have just closed on three more properties to increase our land holdings. We are now over the 1,500 acre mark.
Excitement is in the air!! Cayuga Nation has broken ground for four new homes in the homeland. These four new homes will be available to Cayuga Nation Citizens under the HUD program administered by Justin Bennett. These homes are located on Spruce Lane in Seneca Falls right next door to the Gakwiyo Farms. The Cayuga Nation is now looking forward to the building of our next project to further advance the Nation again. It is good to see our Nation moving ahead in re-establishing ourselves once again on our land.
We are still pushing for our lands to be placed into trust. We are actively pressing the Department of Interior to put the Nation’s land from our first application of only 125 acres, into trust. We will be meeting with them again to determine what the hold up is on making this decision. Not only are they not doing the right thing, they are holding us hostage on what we can do on our land. 
So till next month, we will continue to work for all and defending our inherent rights as Cayuga Citizens,