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Council News - October 2009

Greeting Cayuga Citizens:     

We hope all is well with you and your families. Now that Fall is knocking on the door, hope you all are prepared for it.
The Cayuga Nation Council has re-instated the Education Scholarship program and the Distributions to all of you. So, for Education, please call the Nation Offices at 716-337-4270 for an application. Distribution checks have been mailed out for September and will be mailed again in December, in time for Christmas.
The Cayuga Nation was at the great New York State Fair again, this year. It was lots of fun and do not forget 2011 is Cayuga Year, so we will need individuals for Dancers, kitchen, and a
Princess. So if you are interested, please let us know at the Nation Office.
We have acquired more land once again. We currently owned property in Union Springs, we have bought adjacent property of 7 acres across the road. It does have a house on the property, which will be rented out by Nation Housing Department.
The Nation is on our last stage with the land-into-trust now. We have compiled the last of the comments from the last meeting with the public. We will then send this to Department of Interior for
final approval and their final decision which will be taken to court by the Counties, of course.
The Nation has been very busy trying to harvest all the garden goods and busy canning them. So we lost a few crops due to much rain and a tomato disease that hit our crop. We also had tried to grow Blue Corn this year, but we also lost this due to rain.
Yes, the Counties of Seneca and Cayuga are still trying to shut down the Nation stores in Seneca Falls and Union Springs. But we are opposing their attempts to do this. We must make them understand that this is our land guaranteed by the Treaty of 1794. So this saga continues.
If any of you have any questions or suggestions with the Nation, please feel free to contact us by phone at 716-337-4270 or the Nation website. So feel free to contact us and let us know.
Clint Halftown, Heron Representative
Tim Twoguns, Turtle Representative
Gary Wheeler, Turtle Representative