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Council News - December 2009

The Cayuga Nation Council extends to you
and your families a very warm wish of Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings.

We hope that the New Year will bring new and exciting things for the Nation. 2009 was a bit troubling and a trying year, but it is all behind us now.
October 26 - 29, 2009 United Southern and Eastern tribes (USET) met at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Orlando, Florida. Several Cayuga members attended this 40th Anniversary meeting. Those attending were Sharon LeRoy, Anita Thompson, Fran Sasala, Tim Twoguns, Gerald Jimerson, Jr and Clint Halftown.
The four original founders of USET - Cherokee, Seminole, Choctaw, and Missaukee, hosted this year’s conference. These four Tribes originally got together to be a voice for Native People in Washington. USET has grown from 4 tribes to 25 tribes/nations. In New York, the Seneca Nation of Indians, Cayuga Nation, Oneida Indian Nation and St. Regis Mohawk Tribe all belong to USET. USET provides notifications on laws and bills happening in DC and other states. This is a very good organization to belong to as they keep us alert on issues facing Native Nations.
November 2- 6, 2009, Clint Halftown, as the Federal Representative of the Cayuga Nation was invited to Washington, DC to meet with the Secretary of Labor on Tuesday and then on Thursday with President Obama as he addressed all Nations leadership at the Department of Interior. The President brought his senior Cabinet with him. At this meeting, which the President is calling an annual event, he signed an Executive Order that all federal agencies are to provide him with their consultation policy with Native Nations. The agencies have 90 days to have this on his desk for review. He admits that Native
People have had a lot of injustices done to them. He wants to start building trust in the U.S. Government again.
By now, we hope all of you have received your box of canned goods from the Nation’s Gakwiyo Garden. We hope all of you are enjoying the canned goods. If any one has any questions or if you have not received your box, call and let us know at the Nation Office in North Collins at 716-337-4270.
With the Holidays fast approaching, the Council has moved up the date for the December distribution to earlier in the month. The checks are being sent out December 1, 2009 to help out your holiday shopping.
Do not forget the Nations Winter Gathering on December 12, 2009 from 5 -9 pm. Please do not forget to R.S.V.P. for this event. If you do not and try to show up, there will not be a meal for you. It is very important that you call the Nation Offices to let them know your plans on attending the dinner. The
Nation Office number is 716-337-4270.
Again, Happy Holidays from the Cayuga
Nation Council and Staff. Take Care.