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Council News - August 2009

Greetings to you all, hope everyone is doing well.

The Cayuga Nation has received some good news. The New York State Court of Appeals, 4th Department ruled in our favor on July 10, 2009. The Court ruled 4-1 that the Cayuga Nation is on a qualified reservation, meaning we have the right to sell tax-free product. Of course the counties of Seneca and Cayuga have vowed to fight this ruling. In another course of events, the Cayuga Nation tried to head off any further litigation with a gesture of good will to the counties. The Nation offered to pay the counties’ previous legal bills to end any further litigation, but the counties refused the offer. So we will continue to fight as long as we have to.
On July 18, 2009, the Cayuga Nation held its first annual miniature golf tournament at The Cayuga Sugar Shack. This golf tournament benefited the House of Concern. There were 15 teams of three people who participated in the golf event. It was lots of fun! This event raised over $4,500.00 dollars for the House of Concern. All who participated in the event were given a chicken dinner and a gift bag. The winners of the golf tournament won a 5 foot tall trophy and Pink Jackets, much like the Green Jackets given to the golfers in the Masters Tournament. The House of Concern is a local organization that helps the needy with clothing and food.
The Cayuga Nation has two properties under contract, one parcel in Seneca County and one in Cayuga County. The Seneca County property is located right next door to the Cayuga Sugar Shack. This will double the size of the current property. The Cayuga County property is adjacent to the Dowdy Bundy property. This new property contains a house that will be rented out by the Cayuga Nation Housing Department. Watch for details.
Gakwiyo Farm is in full bloom. Produce is currently being disbursed to all Nation members who signed up for it. Hope you are all enjoying it.
Do not forget to attend the Cayuga Nation Picnic in conjunction with the portrait session for Faces, the 2010 calendar project. This event will start at 11 AM. Events to be held through out the day include Jack Rossen, who will give a talk on the recent discovery of the artifacts that date the Iroquois Confederacy to 900 A.D. This is 100 years earlier than what all other archeologists have determined. We are also going to have Warren John and his band performing for us; so bring your dancing shoes. This should be quite the enjoyable day of talking and seeing friends! Please call into the Office if you plan to ride the bus.
We’d like to send get well wishes to Inez Jimerson on her recent auto accident and congratulations to Samuel George on his recent wedding.
Hope to see many of you at the Nation Picnic, if not, then take care till next month!
Clint Halftown, Heron Clan
Tim Twoguns, Turtle Clan
Gary Wheeler, Turtle Clan