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The Cayuga Nation, like all other Haudenosaunee Nations (People of the Longhouse) are governed in accordance with the Great Law of Peace.  The Great Law of Peace was established to provide peace and emphasizes the principle of "consensus" instead of "majority rule".  This principle requires more cooperation and negotiation for each of the Hoyaneh (Chiefs of the Confederacy) to come to a unanimous decision.

The Grand Council is comprised of Elder Brothers, Younger Brothers and one Firekeeper.  The Mohawk Nation (Keeper of the Eastern Door) and the Seneca Nation (Keeper of the Western Door) are the Elder Brothers.  The Onondaga Nation is the Firekeeper.  The Oneida Nation, Tuscarora Nation and the Cayuga Nation are the Younger Brothers.  Each of the Hoyaneh represents their respective clan and is a caretaker of the peace. 

The Cayuga Nation's governing body is comprised of a Council of Chiefs.  The current Representatives are:

  • Clint Halftown, Heron Clan     -    Federal Representative
  • Tim Twoguns, Turtle Clan     -     Alternate Federal Representative
  • Gary Wheeler, Turtle Clan
Departments / Divisions
Index of Cayuga Nation Department & Divisions
Treaties that impact the Cayuga Nation
Cayuga Nation Financial Aid Assistance For Education
Financial Aid Assistance for Education. For all Enrolled Cayuga Nation Citizens or Children of Eligible Enrolled Fathers.