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The Cayuga Nation shares many of the same sports found in the culture of the Haudenosaunee.  These sports were not strictly played within the Cayuga Nation, but there was competition between all the Nations of the Haudenosaunee.  

  • Lacrosse - It is the number one sport played by members of the Cayuga Nation.  It is also called "the Ball Game".  Usually six to eight players are on a team.  Each player has a lacrosse stick and tries to shoot the ball into the net.
  • Running - This was a very competitive sport not only among Cayugas, but between other Nations.  Short and Long distant races were enjoyed.  Those who could quickly run long distances were also used to send messages between Nations.
  • Snow Snake - This is a favorite winter game.  There is the short snake and the long snake that are shot down a track of snow.  The track of snow usually turns into ice.  He who can throw their snake the farthest is the winner. 

A game, not necessarily a sport, played among Cayugas and other Haudenosaunee tribes is the Dish Game.  This game is played at the Green Corn, Harvest and Midwinter's ceremonies.